Range Fees, Ammunition Prices, Private Rentals



Range Fee: $15 Per Person

(All Day* – Flat Rate)

Targets: $1.00 Each

(19″ x 25″ In size or larger. No B-27’s allowed.)

Ear & Eye Protection Rental: Free

*= Range Time is unlimited per day, but you may be asked to wait in line, in order to allow all guests a chance to use the range. In periods of heavy traffic (fall and winter seasons), guests are given a half hour range period, before having to wait in line. DGR has a last call approximately a half hour before closing. We encourage you to be in the door at least an hour before closing, to ensure use of the facility.


Patrons may bring their own ammunition, or purchase ammunition in store (supporting DGR in the process). Ammunition brought into DGR must be Copper Jacketed TMJ/FMJ and will be inspected by DGR staff upon check-in. No lead ammunition is allowed.

All ammunition prices subject to change.


.22 L.R. – $8.99

.25 Auto – $20.99

.380 ACP – $19.99

9mm – $18.99

.40 S&W – $19.99

.45 ACP – $24.99

10mm – $29.99

.38 SPL. – $21.99

.357 MAG – $24.99

.44 MAG – $34.99


Groups Using/Visiting Deb’s Gun Range:

Groups of shooters are only allowed access to two lanes. We recommend that if you wish to have a large group accompanying you, that you rent the range for a private party.

Due to excessively large groups, safety concerns and store policy: private organizations, security teams, firearm instructors training students, and further examples of larger scale range use and/or training… must rent the range privately before or after hours. Large Groups, or groups of patrons not following this policy are not allowed free reign of the facility during business hours… and will be turned away.

Call for further details if you are unsure about this policy.